Month: February 2017

Decorating on a Budget

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been moved out of my parents’ house for over a year and a half. Needless to say, one of the things I was most excited about was the opportunity to decorate my first apartment from scratch (although I was not psyched about all the money I’d undoubtedly spend in the process). However, I found ways to make my apartment my own without breaking the bank. Although furniture is essential, my number one priority was decor. Although I’d love to fill my apartment with all things Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, if I did that I’d no longer be able to afford food. That being said, I do occasionally splurge on decor, but for the most part I try to be thoughtful in my spending. Here are 3 ways I decked out my first apartment on a budget: Tapestry on the Wall In college, I bought a $25 tapestry at Urban Outfitters for our common room wall – it definitely helped jazz up the bleak cinderblock walls in our suite. A tapestry served the same purpose in my …

My Favorite Places: Newport, RI

One of my favorite places in the world (or at least, the world that I’ve seen so far) is Newport, RI. A big part of that definitely has to do with the fact that I went to school nearby. To say Rhode Island is small is definitely an understatement; for the most part, anywhere you want to go is less than a thirty minute drive. So naturally, my friends and I frequently visited Newport during the school year, so typically in the fall or spring. I’ve always loved Newport for its boutiques and shopping, its great selection of restaurants and bars, and (of course) its breathtaking harbor views. I went back this past August for the first time since graduating school in May of 2015. My boyfriend, Matt, and I stayed at the Newport Hotel & Marina and had a beautiful view from our room overlooking the harbor. Newport in the summer was just as amazing, if not more so, as in the fall or spring (photo gallery from our trip below). From bougie brunches and fancy drinks at Forty 1° North, …

What Happens in Cancun

Throwing it back to spring break ’15! Definitely the best way we could have closed out our senior year (and college career). Our destination: Cancún, Mexico. We stayed at the Gran Caribe Real which, although not a “hot spring break spot,” proved to be the perfect place to spend the week. A more laid back atmosphere, we were able to relax during the day and rest up for a long (and I mean, LONG… out until 5am every night long) night out at the clubs. Since what happens on spring break stays on spring break, I will refrain from sharing any stories (although we joke that one of our roommates left her dignity in Cancun after the first night out at an island party) but I will share a few beautiful photos I was able to capture on the trip, as well as our favorite nighttime destinations: Tuesday: Coco Bongo ★★★★★ Wednesday: Mandala Beach Club ★★★★ Thursday: Dady’O ★★★ Friday: Señor Frogs ★★★★★

When in Rome

As a way to get myself started with this blog, I want to take some time to reflect on the incredible adventures I’ve already had in my life. One of my most memorable experiences, without a doubt, was the twelve days I spent in Italy my sophomore year of college, in… 2012? Wow. I had never been to Europe before. In fact, I had hardly left the continental United States (aside from a few day trips to Canada and several vacations to the Caribbean). In any case, I was certainly a newcomer to the eastern hemisphere. I will spare you all of the written details (aside from citing the fact that we walked about ten miles per day… definitely need to mention that) and instead provide a photographic journey of my time traveling across Rome, Florence, and Venice.