One of my favorite places in the world (or at least, the world that I’ve seen so far) is Newport, RI. A big part of that definitely has to do with the fact that I went to school nearby. To say Rhode Island is small is definitely an understatement; for the most part, anywhere you want to go is less than a thirty minute drive.

So naturally, my friends and I frequently visited Newport during the school year, so typically in the fall or spring. I’ve always loved Newport for its boutiques and shopping, its great selection of restaurants and bars, and (of course) its breathtaking harbor views.

I went back this past August for the first time since graduating school in May of 2015. My boyfriend, Matt, and I stayed at the Newport Hotel & Marina and had a beautiful view from our room overlooking the harbor. Newport in the summer was just as amazing, if not more so, as in the fall or spring (photo gallery from our trip below).

From bougie brunches and fancy drinks at Forty 1° North, to late nights out dancing at The Landing, Newport will always holds a special place in my heart. I can only hope that there are many more memories to be made there for years to come.

(PS. I’ve still yet to tour the mansions, so I know I’ll be back!)

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