There are few things I love more than coming home after a long day at work and crawling into bed in my beautiful, cozy bedroom. Something that I might just love even more than that, however, is decorating that bedroom to make it so beautiful and cozy.

One thing I was most excited for when I first moved out of my childhood home was the opportunity to create a living space that was all mine. Although the process certainly took time (it’s been over a  year and a half and I still say my apartment is a work in progress) I like to think it’s coming along well.

Today I’ll be taking you on a virtual tour of my bedroom, and touching on a few specific pieces that I feel really tie the room together and help to make it into a space that’s just right for me. I’ll also include direct links to where you can get the look, too.

I like to keep my bedding pretty simple and play up other aspects of the room instead. My main goal for my bed is for it to be as comfy and welcoming as humanly possible, although that definitely makes waking up in the morning far more difficult.

Get the Look

Faux Fur Oblong Pillow in brown: Target, $24.99
Faux Fur Throw Pillow 18×18 in white: Target, $24.99
Sidney Comforter Set in white: Bed, Bath, & Beyond, $99.99

I love having a nightstand next to my bed; a perfect place for my laptop, phone, or tea to sit while still being within arm’s reach. Also useful for storing my (few) books below and other knick-knacks and trinkets in the drawer.

Get the Look

South Hampton Nightstand in white: Target, $149.99

Get the Look

(Similar style) Turned Wood Column Lamp Base: Target, $19.99

Get the Look

Buddha Statue: Namaste Bookshop, (not sold online)
(Similar style) Keepsake Glass Display Box: Urban Outfitters, $16.00

Get the Look

Scented Acacia Candle: H&M, (out of stock)
Voluspa Mokara Candle: Anthropologie, $26.00
Waterlily Aloe Soy Candle: Target, $12.99

Above my bed is this wooden mirror piece and, although I don’t use it as a functional mirror, it serves its decorative purpose coupled with a corner shelf and artificial plant.

Get the Look

Artificial Plant: Target, (out of stock)
Classic Corner Shelf in white: Target, $14.99
Wooden Wheel Mirror: Target, (out of stock)

The window next to my bed not only has a cool view of downtown Hoboken (and my fire escape) but also offers a big enough sill for (more!) fake plants and candles. I love lighting the candles when I first get into bed; they create a really soothing ambiance at the end of a long day.

Get the Look

Artificial Potted Aloe Plant: Target, $19.99
Candle Set in white: HomeGoods, (not sold online)

The space at the foot of my bed I use for my mirror. It’s set atop a shoe rack that I assembled myself and paired with a live pussy willow plant and HomeGoods vase. I did want to hang my mirror at some point, but the initiative got away from me and this option was a close second.

Get the Look

Frameless Door Mirror: Target, $14.99
Stackable Shoe Rack in white: Target, $10.49

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Set of 2 Traditional Shelves in white: Target, $19.99

One of the most useful piece, functionality-wise, in my room is my clothing rack. Unfortunately there is not much storage space in my apartment, and I’m a girl with a lot of clothes. So to help out my closet, I got this garment rack to provide extra hanging space for my sweaters, along with another rack for my shoes below.

Get the Look

(Similar style) Metal Garment Rack with Shoe Base in bronze: Bed, Bath, & Beyond, $99.00

Get the Look

Glass Chevrons set of 3: Target, $14.99
Decorative Wall Box: Target, (out of stock)

My dresser is definitely one of the main focal points of the room. I like to keep an eclectic collection of statues, candles, and artificial plants around the base of my custom DIY mirror. Making this mirror was super cheap ($7 for the mirror + $5.99 for the shell fragments) and created a cool, custom piece for the room.

Get the Look

Ashland Crushed Shells (hot-glued to mirror frame): Michael’s, $5.99
Off-white mirror & frame: thrift store, $7.00

Get the Look

Buddha incense statue: thrift shop, $4.00
Grey Wood Tone frame: Target, $8.00
Turned Wood Column Lamp Base: Target, $19.99

Get the Look

(Similar style) World Push Pin Travel Map (18″ x 24″): Etsy, $90.00

Get the Look (DIY dreamcatcher)

Feathers: Michael’s, $3.29
Shells: Michael’s, $4.99
(Other materials found around the house)

I hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour of my bedroom! People are always asking me where I got specific pieces and decor from, so hopefully including direct links was helpful as well.

If you have any questions on my style or where to shop, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly.

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