One of my absolute favorite places in Hoboken is Grand Vin, a quaint restaurant and bar located on the corner of 5th Street and Grand Street.

I stumbled upon it accidentally when I was (hangrily) searching for a brunch place that had little to no wait – a rarity in Hoboken on a Sunday afternoon. As soon as I saw its beautiful rustic exterior, I had a feeling this place was right up my alley (only figuratively though, since it was a decent walk from my apartment).

The inside was even more beautiful; its repurposed decor, organic textures, and soft lighting provided a natural warmth and welcoming atmosphere. I felt instantly at ease in a place so full of charm and character (which may be even more rare these days than a brunch place with no wait).

The food was excellent, too. I had never had avocado fries before, but I can confidently give them a 10/10 and two thumbs up (especially paired with the chipotle aioli sauce, yum). Every meal we got looked and tasted delicious, which increased my love for this newly found rustic paradise.

This past weekend, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and happened upon a sponsored post for a French wine tasting at (you guessed it!) Grand Vin. I couldn’t resist – I quickly bought two tickets for myself and my boyfriend, Matt.

The tasting was from 3pm-5pm on Sunday, and for $35 each we could taste all the authentic French wine we wanted. Naturally we pregamed the tasting with mimosas and moscow mules, because isn’t that what adulting is?

Now, I had never done a wine tasting before so I’m not entirely sure what I expected to happen. Maybe that we would be spitting the wine out? (Although that may have been a possibility, Matt and I certainly chose to milk every penny of that $35 and consume as much wine as we could.) In any case, I definitely did not expect to get decently tipsy on a Sunday afternoon, but that is in fact what happened.

Regardless of us feeling like we were the drunkest girls at the party, the whole experience was really cool and we learned a ton about wine, including the fact that the adjectives “gravelly,” “stoney,” and “gamey” can be used to accurately describe certain red wines.

As much as I’d love to say I walked away from the experience with a bit more knowledge than that, after a few samplings my level of absorption went from a hard 9 to a soft 4. Nonetheless, we had a great time (and an even better nap shortly afterwards).

It really is rare to find such a unique place these days.

With so many typical dive bars or cookie-cutter restaurants, finding somewhere like Grand Vin was the breath of fresh air I so badly needed, and I can’t wait to make more memories there.

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