And now, I present to you, my long overdue post about our glorious Florida vacation! Although we got back a full week ago, I hadn’t yet gotten the chance to post about our trip. (Admittedly, I’ve been slacking when it comes to posting here in general, too.)

So, to get back in the swing, I will be posting several consecutive posts about our week spent in Delray Beach, Florida! Let’s start from the beginning…

My boyfriend, Matt, and I had been looking forward to this trip for several months. Not only was it our first real vacation together, but it was also a great chance to escape the unseasonably cold New York May weather.

And, better still, Matt’s parents (who live in Delray Beach) graciously allowed us to stay at their house while they were away on a cruise for a few days. So, we got to experience the fun and beauty of Delray without paying an arm and a leg in hotel costs.

Since we arrived late Tuesday night, our adventures would begin the next morning. And what better way to start a vacation than to head to the beach?

Now that’s a sand dime if I’ve ever seen one…

After our morning at the beach, Matt brought me to a really cool spot – Boston’s Sandbar (or just “Sandbar”), an awesome outdoor beach bar. We each had a few Coronas while we waited for Matt’s mom to come pick us up. It was the perfect way to end our beachy day.

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