One of the things I SO badly wanted to do (and poor Matt so badly did NOT want to do) was experience Butterfly World. Me, yearning to be one with nature approximately 65% of the time, of course saw the ad in the pile of brochures Matt’s mom shared with us and decided it was a must. And Matt, being a good boyfriend, obliged.

We drove out to Coconut Creek on our third day in Florida. It was another warm day (to my delight… not) but we made the best of it and successfully frolicked with the butterflies.

Ideally, I would have liked to have learned a bit more about butterflies; it was mostly just a big walk-in enclosure where they flew around you and in your face and through your hair and whatnot (Matt loved it! Not!). But I still thoroughly enjoyed myself and made lots of lifelong butterfly friends (unsure the exact lifespan of a butterfly but assuming we are lifelong friends just feels right).

“Oh my God, are they dead?!” -Matt

Later that night, we had dinner at Deck 84, another popular spot in Delray Beach. Between the ambiance, the view, and the food, I was in heaven.

I also discovered a new favorite dish; quinoa spaghetti. Not quite spaghetti, but also not quite quinoa. In any case, the two successfully came together to form a beautiful union and make my stomach one very happy organ.

Quinoa spaghetti, aka game changer.

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