One of my favorite places that I’ve visited so far is the DMV – and no, I don’t mean the Department of Motor Vehicles, but rather the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. One of my best friends and college roommate, Kelsey, lives in Rockville, Maryland with her fiancé.

I had visited Kelsey for the first time in February ’16, and had been back earlier this year with Matt. But I was excited to be experiencing DC in the summer.


Union Station with some cotton candy skies.

I got into Union Station on Thursday night. Kelsey and I joined our friend from school, Bridgette, at a bar where she lived in Arlington, VA. Arlington was an awesome area, with a young, exciting vibe and lots of cool bars and restaurants. We had a few drinks to catch up but both Kelsey and Bridgette had to work the next day so we got food (big surprise) and headed home.

First time having &pizza and WOW it did not disappoint.

The next day Kelsey was able to work from home so she could hangout with me and the puppies. Kelsey has two little dogs, Nala and Kaiya. We all posted up on the couch for the day to watch The Office. The weather was less than favorable out and rain was in the forecast, so it was the perfect day to relax.

For lunch we got &pizza – basically the Chipotle of pizza places. An &pizza had recently opened up in NYC but I had yet to try it, so I was pumped to get the chance to. It was everything I had ever wanted and more – I’d never customized a pizza before but I imagine any of the choices they had would have been great.

Bottomless mimosas at brunch? Yes, please.

The next day’s agenda included my favorite pastime – bottomless brunch! The night before had been a bit of a bust. We had gone to the Nationals game but a torrential thunderstorm ended up raining it out. Not to fear, though – brunch more than made up for the bad weather.

We went to Penn Commons with a few girls and immediately dove in to bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys. We each got a few apps and entrees. I was in heaven. Kelsey always knows the absolute best food places and I am constantly well-fed while in her presence.

Trendy brunch spot, Penn Commons.

Mimosas & Bloody Marys are essential.
Meal #1: french toast bites. DELISH.
Pre-brunch, even though you probably couldn’t tell by our half-open eyes.
From NY to DC, we stay eating & drinking.

My friend from New York (who I also work with, but am friends with first and foremost), Alex, happened to also be in DC at the same time for a friend’s birthday. She joined in on the brunch fun, too.

Trying to be more civilized.
Just 3 blondies ready to take on the town. Except we mostly just ate pizza.

That Saturday night we went out with a few of Kelsey’s DC friends. I, however, ate a bit too much pizza for dinner (and at the pregame, and then again after going out) so the next day I wasn’t feeling so hot.

Another great brunch spot – Mission near DuPont Circle.

On Sunday we went to Mission, also a trendy bottomless brunch spot. It was conveniently located near DuPont Circle, where my bus would be picking me up at 2pm.

I was still feeling pretty rough by brunch so unfortunately I couldn’t full enjoy the food, which was definitely a disappointment. But in order to get my money’s worth, I had a solid amount of mimosas – also hoped that they would knock me out on the bus and make the drive home a little less painful.

Gotta get that good angle for the insta, huh Kels?
Free shots with brunch? I’ll pass but Bridgette will do all 3, thanks!

Unfortunately, the bus ride ended up being WAY more painful than expected. A tanker had essentially exploded on the NJ Turnpike (aka the highway you need to take almost the entire way up New Jersey to get back into the city). The ride which would typically take a little over 3 hours ended up taking nearly twice that amount of time.

Six and a half hours later, a very tired and very disoriented me finally hobbled off of the bus back in Manhattan. But, despite the difficult journey home, I had an awesome time exploring more of DC and the surrounding areas – certainly the best DMV I’ve ever been to.

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