If it isn’t evident from my posts so far, my boyfriend, Matt, is the best. A few weeks ago, he surprised me with tickets to the Yankees/Mariners game and not only that, he got seats in right field by Aaron Judge. Oh, and did I mention he also got me a Judge #99 shirt to wear to the game? So, like I said, he’s the best.

Perfect night for some baseball.

Not only did it happen to be the perfect weather for an August Friday night game, it was also Star Wars night (!!!!!). Being the incredible nerd that I am, I was super hyped about that.

Matt probably couldn’t have picked a better game for us to go to. It was my first of the year, his fourth? Or fifth? Something like that.

The one game we went to last year was in mid-July and it was a toasty 98 degrees. I thought I was going to pass away several times at that game, so this experience was far more enjoyable.

I see you, #99!

Like I said, our seats were right by Aaron Judge. This game happened to fall on “Players Weekend,” during which players could wear nicknames on the back of alternate uniforms. Even though a part of me would have preferred to see the team donning their usual pinstripes, it was fun to see the nicknames that they chose.

Unsurprisingly, Judge went with “All Rise.” I wanted to wear a white judge’s wig to the game, but Matt did not seem particularly enthused by that idea.

Nothing like baseball & beer.

Unfortunately, I was just coming out of a two-week long illness. Just my luck! I felt okay for the game but as it went into the tenth inning I started to feel pretty corpse-like so, true to form (and just like the year before!) we left before the end of the game. But not without first enjoying mozzarella bowls (The Mutz in a Bowl), hot dogs, pretzels, and – of course – several Blue Moons and Shocktops.

And now, here are a few shameless fan photos of Matt and me. Big shoutout to the girl who agreed to graciously stand up and take a pic of us with a tiny Aaron on Matt’s shoulder!

Living our best bleacher life.

Matt has an Aaron on his shoulder!

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