Somehow (and I am truly not sure how) I have yet to post about one of the things that means the absolute most to me in life. No, not pasta, no, not pizza, no, not ice cream – although you were very close with all three. I am talking about my cute, cuddly, constantly-shedding, racially (breed-ally?) ambiguous woofer, LUKE!

To give you some (I’m sure) much-needed context, we adopted Luke a little over three years ago. He is currently 68 months old (fully kidding, he’s about 5 years old or so. So that’s over 35 in dog years. He’s just finishing up paying off his student loans and thinking about buying a house. Not amused? Okay, I’ll stop now).

Anyway, as I was saying we adopted Luke over three years ago from a foster home. He was about 25 pounds lighter at the time, making him resemble more of a greyhound than any other breed. Have I mentioned he’s racially ambiguous? By that I mean you literally have no idea what he is by looking at him. And the fact that his papers said “St. Bernard” was of no help because if you’ve ever seen the movie Beethoven, or just have a general knowledge of anything dog-related, you know that this dog looks nothing like a St. Bernard.

The happiest boy in all the land!

See? He is in no way, shape, or form a St. Bernard. So, us being the curious folks we are, we ordered a dog DNA kit. Let’s just accept that this happened and move on. The results determined that yes, he is in fact part St. Bernard. BUT he is also part Jack Russell Terrier and part Shar-Pei.

While the Jack Russell makes sense (he is basically a giant Jack Russell), the Shar-Pei I still have trouble wrapping my mind around. But in any case, my racially ambiguous dog is less ambiguous than I had original thought, but still relatively ambiguous to the untrained eye!

One final thing about Luke – he has an extra toe. He is the best!!!!

And now, here is a photo of Matt who kindly puts up with my unhealthy pup-session on the reg. Shout out to Matt! The real MVP and #1 supporter/encourager of my strange interests and hobbies.

My non-dog, real, human boyfriend.

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