Last Sunday we found ourselves (yet again!) at our favorite place — Yankee Stadium! We made our way in, anticipating the usual: get some food, get some beer, and enjoy the game. Little did we know what was in store for us!

Favorite place – we back!
Beautiful day for a ballgame.
Wouldn’t be a game without a selfie.
Or a selfie where Matt kisses my head!
Dat panorama doeeeee.
Not a day at Yankee Stadium without a tall Shocktop.

Once we had gotten to the outfield stands, we decided we should take a nice picture before the game started. I, being my usual shy self, wasn’t sure who to ask. Matt scoped out a guy dressed in business casual who seemed to work at the stadium, and asked him to take a quick photo of us.

As I checked the outcome, he asked Matt, “Just wondering, do you guys love Aaron Judge?”

I instantly perked up. No shit, Sherlock!

#BLESSED that Matt asked our dude to take this photo…

Matt nodded and the guy (God bless him, but I cannot remember his name for the life of me… I think I blacked out in that moment) pulled two wristbands out of his coat pocket. “Would you like to be in the Judge’s Chambers today?” he asked.

We both nodded enthusiastically — I’m not sure we even spoke words. We each took our bracelets as Matt thanked him and shook his hand. Now, for anyone who does not know, the Judge’s Chambers is an exclusive, 18-seat section of Yankee Stadium dedicated to rookie Aaron Judge, #99. This section is often shown on TV, especially when Judge hits a home run.

Now, we knew Judge wasn’t playing that day, but we were pumped nonetheless.

He’s more excited than he looks, I promise.
Like a work of art.

We made our way to the Chambers, where we received black #99 robes and foam gavels that read “ALL RISE.” Lucky for us, we were the last two to arrive so we scored aisle seats. The view was also way better than it would have been from the bleachers, which was an added plus.

View from the Judge’s Chambers.
Our home for the evening.
Two happy campers — er… judges?

Even though Judge didn’t play (and the Yanks lost… ugh), it was an awesome experience nonetheless. Since so few people get invited to sit in the Chambers every game (like I said, there were only 18 seats in the section) it was really cool to be a part of.

Many thanks to our friend who bestowed the wristbands upon us — if only I could remember his name!

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