This past weekend, Matt and I embarked upon one of our biggest adventures yet — conquering the Adirondacks!

Okay, well we didn’t exactly conquer them, but we did drive all the way up there from my parents’ house in New Jersey. Beyond that, we pretty much just stopped the car every so often once we made it into the mountains. And by that I mean we would be driving, see other cars pulled over, continue to drive by them, realize we should probably be stopping to see whatever they were looking at, and turn around.

These spontaneous stops proved to be some of the best (and most breathtaking) parts of the trip.

View from the shore of the lake.

Our first spontaneous stop brought us to a lake off the side of the highway. We (of course) drove by it, realized we had just passed something really cool, and promptly turned the car around. Once we parked, we made our way down a slope to the edge of the water.

The view was incredible. Matt, a bit braver than I, walked out onto the rocks on the shore. This was our first taste (besides what we had seen of the mountains from the highway, which was also amazing) of how beautiful the Adirondacks are.

Matt reflecting on life as he gazes at the water.

A few spontaneous stops later, we found ourselves at at a huge open field. The view of the mountains from the field was surreal, especially the way the sun was bringing out the colors in the trees.

There were several people stopped to take photos. There was an older man and his wife, Lynn. Lynn kindly took a photo of us and asked if we had been to that spot when “the barn was still there.” We explained that it was our first time up here and she smiled.

Panoramic view of the field and mountains.
Thanks for the great photo, Lynn!

Next, we found ourselves driving through the small town of Keene. And when I say small town, I mean SERIOUSLY small town. We even passed a maple syrup stand.

As we drove through the town and crossed over a bridge, we both happened to look out to our left to find one of the most picturesque brooks I have ever seen. The lighting continued to be our friend, dancing off the rocks as it was reflected from the water.

I immediately hopped out of the car to snap a few photos – Matt waited in the car for this one, and soon we were on our way again.

The beautiful (babbling) brook in Keene, NY.

Our next stop wasn’t quite as scenic, but certainly historic.

Matt, being a huge hockey fan, was eager to visit the Herb Brooks Arena, one of three ice surfaces at the Olympic Center. This 7,700-seat multi-purpose arena in Lake Placid was built for the 1980 Olympics and was the home of the famously known “Miracle on Ice” USA hockey victory over the Soviet Union.

Unfortunately some sort of conference was taking place that day so Matt didn’t get to see the arena and ice in all its glory, but it was still a really cool piece of history to witness.

(We watched the “Miracle” movie the next morning at our Airbnb.)

Matt at the Herb Brooks Arena.
Outside of the Olympic Museum.

From there, it was time for food. Food was long overdue.

After getting a bit turned around, we finally found the main part of Main Street, Lake Placid. We came across a restaurant called Generations, and it did not disappoint. While I was probably most excited about the Blue Moon, Matt was definitely most excited by the presence of poutine on the menu.

Generations, awesome restaurant we ate at.
Much needed after a long day of driving (for the record, Matt did not partake and was responsible).
Fries and beer are healthy if you eat them with a salad, right?
Documenting his poutine.

We ordered our respective meals, ate, (I drank), and we felt simply rejuvenated yet painfully full. Then we left the restaurant, hopped in the car, started to drive, and immediately pulled over again approximately 36 seconds later upon seeing our next scenic spontaneous spot.

Beautiful view of Mirror Lake.

This spot was what we THOUGHT was Lake Placid, but actually turned out to be Mirror Lake. Nevertheless, we brought our Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (oh right I skipped that part… maybe because I already mentioned we were painfully full but then went ahead and got ice cream anyway) down by the water.

It was like everywhere we went time stood still. There was a peaceful yet mysterious feeling in the air, and the quiet was almost eerie. After being so used to the hustle and bustle of New York, it was certainly an adjustment – but a welcome one at that.

The yard outside of the Airbnb — complete with fire pit and marshmallows for roasting.

The next and final stop, at long last, was our Airbnb. The apartment was located in Saranac Lake, tucked back in a quiet neighborhood. The place had gotten incredible reviews on the app, so I had high expectations.

They were met – and exceeded.

The apartment was so incredibly cozy and we felt completely at home. Our host, Deb (unfortunately we never met her, to Matt’s disappointment), was incredibly hospitable and made sure everything was clearly labeled in the apartment to make our stay as comfortable as possible. She even supplied eggs, milk, and — this was one of the best parts of the whole trip — freshly made apple oatmeal cookies!

The newly renovated (and beautifully decorated) bathroom in the Airbnb.
Super spacious and updated, yet still homey and rustic.
Deb had the apartment stocked so well — she had Q-tips, cotton balls, you name it.
Our cozy little bedroom that made it impossible to get up in the morning.
The living room, complete with fireplace and twinkly Christmas lights on the mantle.
Another view of the living room. Not pictured: an adorable sitting porch on the outside of the house.
A kitchen stocked with eggs, milk, cereal, coffee, tea, bagels, english muffins, etc. etc. etc.
Deb’s cookies! The cutest thing ever. They were delicious!
Cute little view from the kitchen.

Now, the reason we were in Lake Placid in the first place was for a wedding – but that’s a story for another post. In any case, we had an wonderful time in the Adirondacks.

Although I will always fondly remember our cozy, adorable Airbnb, I think the memories that will stick with me most are the incredible views we were able to see and experience firsthand.

I truly wish my photos could do these views justice, but there was just something so much more breathtaking about being able to perceive the actual depth and vastness of these mountains and trees and fields in person. These are memories I will not soon forget, and am glad that I experienced them at a point in my life when I was able to fully appreciate the beauty of what I was seeing.

Another panoramic shot on our drive home Sunday.
Saying goodbye to the beautiful Adirondack mountains.

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