I’ve never been one to celebrate the holidays in a warm and/or tropical location. My fair complexion and bizarrely low tolerance for the heat definitely make the idea less than appealing in most cases, but when the opportunity arose this year to give it a try I figured why the HECK not?

Said opportunity was thanks to Matt’s parents having made the move down to Delray Beach, Florida earlier this year. They were kind enough to open up their home to me for the holidays (food included… oh so much food).

So, I put on my big-girl pants and made the grueling less than 3-hour flight down to Florida, SOLO. That’s right, not only am I pale and heat-intolerant, I am also terrified of flying!!! Such a winning combo, Matt is so lucky to have me.

Anywho, after experiencing the most turbulent takeoff of my life (#veryblessed) it was relatively smooth sailing down to Florida. I was lucky enough to have a window seat with (drumroll please) no one in the middle seat next to! See below for one of the 16 nearly identical photos I Snapchatted from the plane.

Thar she blows! Flo Rida I’m comin’ for ya!

Unfortunately my flight had a bit of a delay and got in later than expected, but Matt and I still made the most of what little daylight we had left by laying near the pool. Key word: near. Pool = no shade = burned Jill. So, Matt being the chivalrous gent is he, joined me as I hid from the sun. We listened to some fascinating conversations between the 50+ y/o members of the community (but to be honest, the crowd was more like 85+). My personal favorites included Lester, Dorris, and Phyllis. They have truly lived full lives.

Classic feet shot. Look at us relaxing. You are jealous.
My shady haven. You can’t get me, sun!

Not pictured: Matt’s mom’s penne alla vodka that she so graciously made that night. Now, I have had my fair share of pasta in my life, but hers takes the cake. I could eat it every night for the rest of my life. Apologies for failing to document but there was very little time between it being served and me completely demolishing it.

The agenda the next day was BEACH! For me, this activity requires a healthy lathering of SPF 100. All over. Yes, even my little pale ears burn. I have also burned while laying under a cabana in the shade. On my back. And the burn was on my back. Yeah, I will never understand either.




To my (and only my) delight, the beach was not 98 degrees! In fact, it was really cool thanks to a pretty severe breeze and decent cloud coverage. While this was exciting at first, I too soon become uncomfortably cold (preferable to uncomfortably hot, though, so I tried not to complain… much). Regardless of the chill, we were able to get some hashtag-relationship-goals photos to commemorate our short time actually at the beach.

Real talk. I took this on my iPhone. Look at that depth of field!!!!!
Somebody’s a little chilly.
SMILING through the pain!
Look at him frolic in his natural habitat.
Gazing into his future. Does it include a pet teacup pig? I think so!


Beach selfie expectation…
…vs reality.
Chilly again, chilly again!


~Salty kisses & sandy toes~ am I right???
True Life: Matt has really tan legs. And then there’s me.

Once we had procured an acceptable amount of photos to weed through, Matt, his sister Alyssa, and I headed to one of my favorite places from the last time I had visited – the Sandbar! Welcome to paradise is right. This place is right on the beach and really gives you the drunken-tiki-bar-feel you so badly crave on vacation. No sarcasm intended.

Look at that aesthetic. What ambiance. Gnarly, dude.
Girl eating in bottom right-hand corner = mood.
Walking through the gates of heaven.
iPhone 8+ portrait mode strikes again.


Christmas lights and palm trees?! No better combo.


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