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Floridian Thanksgiving: Part 2

For part 2 of this installment, I am going to transport you physically, mentally, and emotionally (okay, definitely not physically and probably not emotionally but you get the gist) to beautiful Japan. And by that I mean a Japanese garden in Delray Beach, FL that I suspect is very comparable to a real place in Japan.

In any case, Matt and I went to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens while we were in Florida and – no exaggeration and all jokes aside – it was breathtaking.

We got really lucky with the weather – it was a beautiful sunny day, not too humid, and there was enough shade offered throughout the gardens to keep me from passing out. Since I probably don’t have anything else beneficial to say (Matt was the one reading the brochure about the gardens, but since I was taking pictures I gained approximately zero educational value from the experience) I will leave you with the below photos to make you jealous and wish you too were in Japan… er, I mean, Flo Rida.

1c8b06b0-d764-435d-bdd9-c745c8ea3034 Strike a pose! Work it, girl!


7d044858-60e3-4065-bfe3-4cce02924374 Channeling my inner blogger.

Matt learning. Please contact him for any questions in regards to the gardens and what they contained.

Made a new friend!

252f1b29-ffcd-46fc-ac14-311bd66d9b2c In case no one could tell we were tourists.

Cutie little Bonsai tree!

980c67bb-f895-442b-9fa6-84effdf6d33a Being couple-y. Again, iPhone 8+… how.

Cheesin’ cause we love gardens!

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