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Floridian Thanksgiving: Part 3

Welcome to the third and final installment of what I’m sure is a fiercely captivating trilogy telling the tale of my Floridian adventures.

One of my new favorite spots down there is Benny’s On the Beach in Lake Worth – big thanks to Matt’s mom for introducing it to us. Benny’s is, unsurprisingly, on the beach! It’s attached to a great pier and offers unreal ocean views. Also, alcohol!

Aside from the fact that they were out of straws, napkins, pasta salad, and the chicken & waffles Matt so strongly desired, the food and service was great. The biggest draw, however, is definitely the location. We went after our trip to the Morikami Gardens, so the weather was perfect for a beach-front meal.

Let me take you away on another photographic journey to the mystical land of Benny’s On the Beach.

The view from our table!

Chillin’. I’ll take one Coronita and a serious hangover, please! 8cddc411-42cf-4a8e-beb7-67a46048dc0b Buckets! Turkey club sandwich I ordered… would have been okay with just half. But, delish. Pier attached to Benny’s. My new friend, Mr. Pelican! Flexin’. 6b2bc2b6-e2a1-44ef-aa02-762d7b55c135 Loving life! Kind of buzzed! #CoronitaLiving 60cec986-6bba-4da8-8de5-62582cc2be2c Still loving life! Still definitely buzzed! a64dadd2-c2d4-457d-a0a4-7e52385c1335 Are you sick of us yet? 0e29ef7c-055c-4ab8-bb2a-2773b6ad081b Can you tell which one isn’t related to the others? ef909238-362a-424b-8e43-cb7085252891 And again… pale girl life!!!

Lake Worth you were sure WORTH MY TIME!

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