It’s that magical time of year again – that’s right, the time of year when your eyes tear  up from the wind, your fingers go numb in your pockets, and your knees freeze through your ripped jeans.

Winter time is here! And since it isn’t going away any time soon, we might as well embrace it.

I’ll be the first to admit that snow (despite the fact that I can’t walk through it without inevitably slipping at least seven times) makes for a damn good photo opp. Nothing quite like that fresh pow right after a fluffy snowfall to rake in the Instagram likes.

So, naturally, I dragged Matt out into the icy world of Hoboken at the first sight of snow out my apartment window. And Matt, being the kind soul is he, happily obliged.

Standing on the Hudson and watching the snow fall over the skyline is a serene and somewhat otherworldly experience. The usual hustle and bustle of the waterfront walkway was nowhere to be seen or heard – in fact, the silence was almost eerie.

We enjoyed those few quiet moments while we still had feeling in our hands and feet, then managed to snap a few photos before hightailing it back to the great indoors, where blankets and heat and Netflix awaited us.

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