Very, VERY excited to share that come June of this year, Matt and I will be moving into our new home, the Soho Lofts! Soho Lofts is Jersey City’s newest luxury rental, and it comes with all the amenities – infinity pool, gym, sauna, zen garden, dog park, mediaroom, business center, outdoor gas grills, cabanas, demo kitchen, outdoor shower, fireside seating, shuttle to the PATH train (with hardwood floors, reclining leather seats, and TVs)… I could keep going but I don’t want to make anyone jealous!

In all seriousness, though, the Soho Lofts is a beautiful, new building built last year. I know a few people already living there who absolutely love it. Matt and I first checked out the building in early February – we saw a “studio” unit in the East Tower, which was essentially a one bedroom without a window in the bedroom.

Since we were still figuring out our finances and what our price range would be, we took a few weeks to think about it and, as luck would have it, the units in the West Tower were available for viewing by then. Though a bit smaller all around, they were just as beautiful.

We viewed a one-bedroom on the eighth floor and fell in love. It had everything we had ever hoped and dreamed of having in an apartment – central AC, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, 10 foot ceilings, exposed duct work, dishwasher, refrigerator with in-door water/ice dispenser, and – hands down, my personal favorite – IN-UNIT LAUNDRY!

We are so so so excited to move in, and June cannot come soon enough. See below for some photos of our unit/new home (and please excuse the mess, it is technically still under construction!).

Kitchen, complete with bar to eat/seat at.
Living room with floor to ceiling window and exposed duct work.
Bedroom (with a window!)
All new stainless steel appliances and built in microwave (can’t wait to ditch my $20 one!)


Two closets in the bedroom (hanging racks have since been added).
Alcove in the living room.
There it is – the washer and dryer! Both will be in the closet…
Deep sink and looooots of counter space.
View from the apartment – hashtag INDUSTRIAL.
Beautiful new bathroom – shower head coming soon.
View of the apartment from the living room. I won’t have enough furniture to fill it!
Closet by the front door – even more storage!
Big, beautiful fridge! All the storage.
Bye-bye, Brita! Can’t wait to have a water dispenser built into the fridge.

To learn more about the Soho Lofts, visit their website or read about them on More pictures included below of the amenities and fully furnished units!


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