Since it’s been almost exactly a year since my last interior post, I figured it’s time for a reboot – AND time to continue with the rest of my apartment! As you may already know, I will be moving out of my current apartment in a few months, so I definitely want to document the little home I’ve built here before I go.

Although there really hasn’t been a ton of change to my bedroom since my last post, I have rearranged a bit and wanted to share its current state with you. Well, current state sounds kind of bad and messy – it’s really quite the opposite, I promise.

So without further adieu, I present to you, my room!


Bed & Bedding

One thing that actually has changed in the past year is my bedding. I currently sleep with fully plain bedding – plain white pillow cases, plain white duvet insert (minus the duvet cover). In all honesty, I originally bought a new, really cute duvet cover from Bed, Bath, & Beyond but it ended up getting all wonky throughout the night and not staying aligned with the duvet insert.

So, low and behold, one day I took it off and (after experiencing one of the comfiest sleeps of my life) left it off. I do feel like duvet covers are kind of overrated – my comforter is comfortable, and isn’t that the most important thing? (Just kidding, we all sacrifice pain for beauty at some points, but you should never have to do that when it comes to your cozy sanctuary of a bed.)

Long story short, my bed is about as basic as it could be. I got my frame and mattress from 1-800-Mattress, and I don’t have any decorative pillows anymore. I would like to spice it up a bit when I move (add a headboard, visible bed frame, some less bland pillows, etc.) but this works for me for now.

Get the Look

(Similar style) Comforter/duvet insert: Bed, Bath & Beyond, $259.99
Jersey Sheet Set Prints, gray: Target, $19.99
Jersey Pillowcase Set, white: Target, $9.99




Covered in my previous Get the Look post was my nightstand. I got this at Target (where, as you will see, I get most of my home decor). As luck would have it, the pieces on my nightstand are actually exactly the same as when I last posted a year ago (geeze, guess I should be switching things up more, huh?).

Get the Look

South Hampton Nightstand in white: Target, (white out of stock)
(Similar style) Turned Wood Column Lamp Base: Target, $19.99
Buddha Statue: Namaste Bookshop, (not sold online)
(Similar style) Keepsake Glass Display Box: Urban Outfitters, $16.00
Scented Acacia Candle: H&M, (out of stock)
Voluspa Mokara Candle: Anthropologie, $26.00
Waterlily Aloe Soy Candle: Target, $12.99






Another area of my room that has not changed much in a year! I definitely want to revamp and declutter this space in my new apartment, but for now I can’t bring myself to change it. The dresser itself was from Value City Furniture – this store was my go-to when I was buying furniture for my first apartment, mostly because they would deliver up stairs (and I lived on a fifth-floor walkup). But, it has certainly served me well across the past few years.

The mirror is also something that I’m afraid I will be saying goodbye to in the move. I made this mirror when I moved into my first apartment after college (I was super into DIY’ing everything – can you tell?). I found the mirror at a thrift shop for $7.00 and bought the crushed shells from Michael’s. Hot-glueing the shells to the frame was no easy task, but I was so proud of the outcome. Now, after staring at it for about three years, I’m definitely ready for a change, but can still appreciate how I was able to turn something old and dingy into something cool and exciting.

The other knick-knacks on my dresser are just things I’ve come across and thought would look interesting and eclectic together. As my style has changed, these items have become less relevant to me, but looking back at them I’m reminded of a new and exciting time in my life when I was first moving out on my own and creating my first home.

Get the Look

Ashland Crushed Shells (hot-glued to mirror frame): Michael’s, $5.99
Off-white mirror & frame: thrift store, $7.00
Buddha incense statue: thrift shop, $4.00
Grey Wood Tone picture frame: Target, $8.00
Turned Wood Column Lamp Base: Target, $19.99




Clothing Rack

One of the most useful pieces in my room is, without a doubt, my clothing rack. Given the fact that my whole apartment has one (yes, one) closet, I understandably run out of room pretty quickly.

So, to keep myself organized (and make getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier) I bought this clothing rack. It holds a decent amount of weight and also has a space for shoes at the bottom. If you’re tight on closet space, I highly recommend getting one of these bad boys to help in the storage department.

Get the Look

(Similar style) Metal Garment Rack with Shoe Base in bronze: Bed, Bath, & Beyond, $99.00





Shelf Floor Lamp

One of my newer additions is also one of my favorite additions – part lamp, part shelves! I had been looking for a lamp for the far corner of my room that would also be able to stand next to my clothing rack, and this one was a perfect fit. It took about 20 minutes to assemble, but was totally worth it. It gives me more storage for my books and other items, and also lights up the space really well. Definitely recommend this piece as it’s super functional and looks great too.

Get the Look

Shelf Floor Lamp, light wood: Target, $49.99
Tribal striped candle: H&M, $6.99 (out of stock)





Wall Decor

One thing that I think really helps a house (or apartment) feel like a home is wall decor. Now, of course, adding things to your walls always gets tricky in a rental situation, but to me it just feels worth it to make your room your own. Check out a few of the special pieces I have hung up in my room.

And, not to play favorites (definitely playing favorites) but both the world map and the “I Love Us” sign have a special place in my heart, as they were both given to me by a very special guy on our past two Valentine’s Days.

Get the Look

Glass Chevrons set of 3: Target, $14.99
Decorative Wall Box: Target, (out of stock)
(Similar style) World Push Pin Travel Map (18″ x 24″): Etsy, $90.00
Set of 2 Traditional Shelves in white: Target, $19.99
Wooden Wheel Mirror: Target, (out of stock)
“I Love Us” sign: Magnolia Market, $110.00




So that pretty much covers it! My room is one of my favorite places in the world and for that reason, I always want it to feel like home to me. Like I said, I’m sure a lot about my room will change when I move to my new apartment (and when I’m sharing it with – gasp – a boy!) but I’m excited to get the chance to create somewhere new for Matt and I to share.

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