Spring is (almost) here! And with the warm(ish) weather comes the opportunity to emerge from my winter-long hibernation on my couch and take advantage of all the fun outside activities the city has to offer.

One of my favorite places to frequent in said warm weather is Smorgasburg – an open-air food market that pops up in Williamsburg on Saturdays and Prospect Park on Sundays. So, with empty stomachs and high expectations, Matt and I made our way to Brooklyn to indulge in a day full of decadent dishes.

Not only is the food out of this world, but the views don’t suck either. It’s fun to see the skyline from the other side of the East River – I’m so used to the view from across the Hudson in Hoboken. East River State Park has both grass and beach areas, making it a great place for a photo opp (or several).

Brooklyn is always a fun place to visit in any case – although I usually don’t feel like I’m cool and/or trendy enough to be there for longer than a few hours (and given the large crowds and high volume of tourists that Smorgasburg attracts, I’m typically ready to go by then anyway).

That being said, the food is undoubtedly the highlight.






Matt and I started off with “breakfast,” aka a big ole brioche sticky bun at the King Street Kitchen stand. Damn straight, these are #BigBuns. When they say it’s literally the size of your head… they’re not wrong. Matt and I polished it off in approximately 36 seconds and relished in every bite.




Next we moved onto “lunch” aka a Wowfull. Wowfulls are essentially a scoop of ice cream in a legitimate folded waffle (no, not a waffle cone… an actual waffle) with some sort of ridiculous topping. Since I’m weird and don’t like chocolate, this limited our options a bit. But Matt, ever the trooper, happily obliged in ordering boring old vanilla ice cream (it was rainbow colored, in fairness) with Cinnamon Toast Crunch as a topping. Let me tell you… THIS. WAS. AMAZING. The combination of the fresh hot waffle with the cold, soft ice cream was to die for. Definitely the best lunch I’ve ever had.



For the final course, Matt and I parted ways in terms of our palettes. Matt went for a Ramen Burger – which was, according to him, delicious. The pairing of noodles and ground beef wasn’t quite up my alley, so I sat that one out.




Instead, I opted for something that I can get literally anywhere and everywhere else – tacos! But in all honesty, these tacos were totally worth it. However, I neglected to take note of the vendor’s name when I was ordering – so, they will remain a mystery. In any case, these tacos definitely hit the spot and were the perfect dessert to end my Smorgasburg experience.

Disclaimer: we most likely could have kept eating for hours, and there were definitely other vendors we wanted to try. But in the spirit of saving for our new apartment, it seemed wise to draw the line there (and before we became uncomfortably full and started hating ourselves).

Guess that just means we’ll have to go back this summer!
















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