It’s officially been two months since we moved into our new apartment! We love it so much so far, and it feels like we’ve lived here forever. Although I still feel like I have some work to do to make the apartment look exactly how I want, I thought I’d give an update on my progress so far.



The bathroom is pretty much the same since we moved in – obviously not a lot of room to switch things up, but it’s clean and functional so I think that’s more important than having any crazy, luxe, expensive decor. I’d personally rather focus on other areas of the apartment where we spend more time and let the bathroom do its job. I can imagine once I have my own house and can pick the furnishings, etc. I will be much more motivated to make the bathroom great.

And don’t get me wrong, our bathroom is great. I don’t think photos do it justice since the lighting isn’t great, but the tiles and fixtures are beautiful. Like I said, I’d just rather focus on other areas.

A few things I’m thinking in the short-term include nicer hand towels and maybe hang a few small photos but otherwise, it’s likely the bathroom will stay as is for a while.



Pillows pillow pillows! I’m workin’ on it! So I discovered having all mudcloth pillows on the couch made the room feel a little stark and monochromatic. So, I moved our black mudcloth pillows to the bedroom and left the beige ones in the living room. I’m working on building up our pillow collection (which I’m sure will be much to Matt’s dismay – don’t worry, Matt, only a few more!).

I decided to give in and just start ordering pillow covers on Etsy that I really loved as opposed to trying to cheap out on pillows I thought were just okay. I ordered this 18X18 Authentic African Indigo Pillow Cover from SewAndCloth’s Etsy shop and I love it. I could literally buy twenty more covers from there, I’m obsessed. It looks a little off just paired with the two remaining mudcloth pillows, though, so hoping if I add one or two more it will look a bit more balanced.

Also, as far as pillow inserts, I found great ones on Amazon – 20″x20″ Square Pillow Inserts. They typically tell you to buy inserts one or two inches longer than the cover you buy, and these are great – they take that “karate chop” shape that’s so popular right now. I went ahead and ordered the two pack, knowing that I’d most likely be getting another cover (or 10…?).



As far as other smaller decor items, these are easier to collect as I come across them. I’ve been finding a lot of stuff at Target (obviously), HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other places that are on the cheaper side. I have my eye on a few knick-knacks at World Market, McGee & Co., West Elm, etc. but want to be cognizant of how much we’ve been spending over the past two months.

These smaller pieces are almost what I consider collectables – some people collect coins, some people collect… um, I’m actually not sure what else people collect these days, but you get the gist. If I’m out and see something that aligns with my style and the feel I want for the apartment, it’s easier (and less costly) to buy one-off as opposed to ordering a bunch of smaller items all at once.



One of my favorite updates is the entryway. While nothing huge changed furniture-wise (still obsessed with my barstools, for the record) I have added some finishing touches that really add to the space.



First of all, there was a sale on Magnolia (!!!) home items so I splurged and got a sage herb stem, a lamb’s ear stem, and two apothecary vases (500mL and 100mL). And yes, I filled the vase with water even though the stems are artificial… hey, Joanna does it!


Additionally, I bought two large frames with mats from Amazon to put up in the space between the console table/mirror and macrame hanging. I had photos from our California trip printed up at Walgreens, and I love how they came out. I think they really help complete that space and make it feel warmer and more homey.

I do (of course) still have plans for styling the console table further. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Katie Staples (aka @Halfway_Wholeistic on Instagram) and her interior design style, especially the way she has decorated her console table. So, maybe some inspiration there!



The kitchen is another area I just don’t yet have the resources to devote time to yet – and I don’t mean cooking-wise. (We’ve been doing HelloFresh actually, and I’ve been loving it! Minus the price, time commitment, etc… but otherwise, it’s great…)

Similar to the bathroom, this part of the apartment is one I will devote more time to once I have finished the more visible living spaces. There isn’t a ton to do since the finishes are already beautiful, like the bathroom, but I do think there are small touches I can play around with potentially a few months down the line.



And at long last – the bar cart is stocked! Well, for the most part. In all honesty, we have more Tito’s than we will probably ever drink. Also, please ignore the letterboard welcoming my friends Kelsey and Alex – I usually have a fun quote on there, but have been too lazy to change it up. Those things take a while to update!

Anyway, there is probably more styling I could do here, but we’ve been waiting to actually build up our collection of liquor first. I love how the moscow mule cups look (one is monogrammed “M” and one “J” – thanks to Matt’s friend, Julian, and his girlfriend, Laura, for these!) but there is definitely more to be done.

Also, please note the wine glasses on the bottom shelf – I had previously only had two, but one broke in the dishwasher. So we found a pack of six at HomeGoods and VERY CAREFULLY transported them home. Like, took all the care in the world. Then we get home and unpackage them, just to realize they are plastic and for outdoor use. Hey, perfect for us clumsy folk!


Our workspace is where my minimalistic tendencies come out, I suppose. Thanks to my dad, we are the proud owners of an iMac – yes, that’s right, some computers are still desktops! But, I love how it looks in the apartment (aka it looks like we’re rich and can afford a $3,000 computer! Ha, chump change, right?!). The desk itself is pretty small in retrospect – I do wish we had one with a drawer or too, but it was pretty inexpensive and if we want a new one eventually that’s why they created Facebook Marketplace, right?

Also, the desk light is so fun. I know that’s probably a weird sentence that no one has ever said before, but it’s true – the light turns on no matter where you touch it. You can literally touch any place that is brass and *ta da* let there be light! Maybe I’m more excited about it than I should be but, hey, it’s very entertaining.


And last but not least, perhaps the biggest addition of late is our new coffee table! I sold my lift top coffee table that I had used for the past three years (it still lives in our building so I can have visitation hours) and bought the Project 62™ Loring Coffee Table in vintage oak (from Target, of course). It’s from the same collection as our console table, which I love, so I knew it would be a great add for the living.

Fun fact: I assembled it myself! Now, in fairness, the assembly was pretty straightforward – it was just a bit difficult because it’s all so heavy and I am just one person and I do not workout a lot. But I persevered and now have a beautiful table to show for it.

More updates to come – stay tuned!

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