It was just a regular Monday at work – I was tired, a little grumpy, and feeling unmotivated. Alex and I had just gotten back from Chopt and I was picking at my salad when I looked out the office window. Bocce, a fairly new pizza restaurant in Union Square, had a huge line wrapping around it.

“What’s going on today?” I asked Alex.

There always seems to be something going on in the square, and folks at my office (myself included) have unofficially deemed it the weirdest place in New York City. And that’s saying something.

Alex, chewing her salad, said with a shrug, “Oh yeah, the Property Brothers are here today. I forgot to tell you.”

I’m sorry… WHAT?!

If you don’t know them, the Property Brothers are comprised of Drew and Jonathan Scott. They are the starts of the popular HGTV reality show with the same name, as well as multiple spin-off shows all revolving around their knack for transforming fixer uppers into dream homes. The brothers were in town promoting their new home furnishings site, Casaza.

Clearly, I am an HGTV enthusiast. While Joanna Gaines is absolutely my idol and inspiration and spirit animal (and everything else I could possibly describe that entails my unhealthy obsession with her), the Property Brothers are definitely a close second. And the fact that they were consequently right outside my office?! Unbelievable.

I was frantic. It was 1:20pm. Alex informed me the meet and greet event ended at 2:00pm. I had a call at that time, too. My window of opportunity was closing! Fortunately, my company’s Chief Technology Officer is also a huge Property Brothers fan and gave into my pleading for him to go with me (even though he kept saying there was no way he was waiting in the line… but he sure did!).

Now let me explain that I am not very good at meeting famous people. I am a naturally nervous human. Being put in social situations where it is crucial I appear cool and/or normal is a seriously difficult task for me. As we neared closer to the front of the line, my heart started pounding and I became increasingly more awkward and jittery.

By the time we were next in line (AND ONLY FEET AWAY FROM DREW AND JONATHAN) I was starting to scare the people working the event. Someone jokingly asked if anyone knew CPR. I am totally aware my reaction to the entire experience was way over the top but it was the PROPERTY BROTHERS! (I later joked that if it had been Joanna Gaines, I would have needed actual medical attention.)

Anyway, when it was finally my turn I’m pretty sure I blacked out and only think I remember meeting them because Barry caught the whole thing on video.

“Hey, how are you? Nice to see you,” Drew said to me.

I responded with, “Oh, so great to see you!” in a weird high pitched voice that I do not recognize as my own.

He then proceeded to tell me, “Deep breaths!”

Jonathan then asked me, “Hi, how are you?”

I say, “Oh, I’m so good!” Have I ever interacted with humans before? Unsure, apparently.

We get in position to take our photo (YES I TOUCHED THEM) and a man standing nearby was slightly in the shot. Jonathan nicely asked the man to move a bit and then I say, “Yes, please, excuse me sir.”


Or they were like, “This girl is insane. Just fake smile until she’s gone.”

In any case, that was about it. Barry got his picture next and other people working the event gave us our gifts and sent us on our way. The whole interaction was maybe 15 seconds long, but I’m so glad Barry got it on video so I could relive it over and over again.

Now, please enjoy some stills from the video of me interacting with my favorite famous Canadians.

Needless to say the rest of the day was pretty much shot work-wise. I got some things done, but my brain was in Property-Brother-Land (if only there was such a place!).

But the day wasn’t over yet!

Later that night, I was scrolling through Instagram checking out how well my picture with Drew and Jonathan was pulling likes-wise. I suddenly saw a notification pop up and truly thought my eyes were deceiving me.



Now, I am very well aware that he likely has someone else doing his social, but I DON’T EVEN CARE. Don’t ruin this for me!!!!!!!!! In my mind, he had been so compelled by my visceral reaction to meeting him that he felt obligated to comment and commend my loyalty. Or, it was totally random. (BUT I did check others photos he was tagged in and he had not commented on them all!)

In any case, it was the best Monday ever. The least “Monday” of all Mondays. And perhaps the first time I was grateful to work near Union Square.

(The official Casaza account also commented too, for the record!)

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