Happy Halloween!

This year I decided to dress up as my idol and inspiration – Joanna Gaines. If you somehow don’t know about her, she is a designer, entrepreneur, author, and the brains behind the popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper (RIP).

And, like I said, she’s my idol. I absolutely love her style and eye for design. So, despite not actually looking anything like her, decided this year was the year I would dress up as her for Halloween. I think it turned out pretty well, but you be the judge!


And yes, the plan had been for Matt to be Chip, but we didn’t end up going out – plus we couldn’t find a wig that worked for him. For the record, the Magnolia Instagram account liked my post! My hopes and dreams were slightly crushed when I didn’t receive a like from Joanna herself, but she’s a busy gal (especially with her new book coming out!!!!) so I forgive her.

My costume was super simple and pretty inexpensive to put together. I’ve included links to the pieces below – enjoy!


1. Universal Thread™ Women’s Western Denim Long Sleeve Shirt – Size XS – $19.99 (link)

2. Madewell Roadtripper Jeans in Jansen – Size Regular 25 – $75.00 (link)

3. Universal Thread™ Women’s Jean Belt in Brown – Size S – $9.99 – (link)

4. Magnolia Farms Hat in Distressed Saddle – $26.00 – (link)

5. Universal Thread™ Nora V-Cut Ankle Booties in Cognac – Size 7 – $24.99 – (link)

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