So… remember how I met the Property Brothers the other day in Union Square as part of the promotion for their awesome new company, Casaza? Well, as part of that event I also submitted my name as part of a giveaway and… SOMEHOW… I won!

Let me preface this by saying I never win anything. And as I stood in line, I even said out loud, “I shouldn’t even enter this, I never win.” Well, somehow, the HGTV gods were on my side because yesterday I received a direct message on Instagram from the Casaza account informing me I was the lucky winner!

So what do I win? Well, the details aren’t fully ironed out yet but basically I will be getting a 30 minute design consultation with the brothers as well as a $1,000 credit to the Casaza site! I literally can’t even believe it. And, I had been holding off on decorating our bedroom, so this is the perfect opportunity to design it to the nines!

Anyway, I’m still in total disbelief. Check out the brothers’ announcement (ignore their incorrect pronunciation of my last name!) below – more details soon to follow!


Thank you so much to Drew Scott, Jonathan Scott, and Casaza for making my design dreams come true! What an HGTV week it has been!

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