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Our Two-Year Anniversary

I can hardly believe it – Matt and I have been dating for two years! In truth, it feels like longer than that (and not just because we were “together” for a few months before officially dating). It truly feels like I’ve known Matt for my whole life, but also our time spent together has gone by in the blink of an eye.

Our anniversary last year was spent on a staycation at the W Hotel in Hoboken, so it felt fitting to be on an actual vacation for this time around. Matt’s work trip just happened to match up with our July 8th anniversary, so we did some research ahead of time and chose a dinner spot to celebrate at that night.


We spent the day of our anniversary in Malibu, and after going back to the hotel to rest and clean ourselves up, headed downtown.

We found ourselves at The Craftsman Bar & Kitchen for a pre-dinner drink. This spot is a gastropub with a cool rustic-chic vibe. As per usual, I got a Blue Moon and Matt got a Corona. We enjoyed our drinks and people-watched outside until a bee decided to attack my head, at which point we decided to move inside where we enjoyed the unique, trendy ambiance (and no bees).

After we finished our drinks, we headed over to the restaurant that we had a reservation at, but we were a bit early so Matt showed off his scooter skills to kill some time.

Before arriving in California, I had no idea how big these scooters were. For those of you who don’t know, companies like Bird and Lime supply cities with scooters that you can ride around for a fee, similar to the Citi Bike system in New York. Unlike Citi Bike, though, you can leave these scooters wherever you want, although it is asked you leave them off to the side to avoid damage. You’re also legally supposed to wear a helmet, but almost no one seemed to be abiding by that law.



After a short wait, our table at North Italia was ready. Close to the Third Street Promenade, North Italia is a really cool, very open Italian spot with indoor and outdoor seating. We opted to be seated outside to enjoy the warm weather, which was finally cooling down a bit thankfully.


In honor of our anniversary, we ventured out of our comfort zone drink-wise – well, sort of. I got some sort of red sangria and Matt got some variation of a Moscow Mule, but Italian (somehow). The drinks were delicious and it was wonderful to be cheers-ing our anniversary in a new, exciting place.



Speaking of delicious, possibly the best thing we ordered was the white truffle garlic bread, topped with house-made ricotta, mozzarella, grana padano, and herbs. It was SO GOOD. Probably the best garlic bread I’ve ever had. I mean, look at it!!! It was a meal in and of itself.

I would possibly go back to Santa Monica again just to have this garlic bread, I am that passionate about it.


Our main course was great too. I got the bolognese, with traditional meat sauce, tagliatelle noodles, and grana padano cheese while Matt went the seafood route and opted for the diver scallops with sweet corn risotto, asparagus, crispy shallot, and pancetta gremolata.

It was safe to say that after this decadent meal (we also had Caesar salads which I forgot to mention – too flustered about that garlic bread) we were much too full for dessert, so we headed back towards the pier to watch the sunset.



It truly was a magical anniversary, and I am so happy that I got the opportunity to travel to Santa Monica with Matt while celebrating our two years together.

Even though we primarily worked for the reminder of the trip, these two days that we got to spend exploring the LA area and enjoying being together were so special to me, and it’s an experience I know neither of us will ever forget.

Being Bougie in Malibu

Our second day in California we started off at the Santa Monica beach, but after some recommendations from friends we decided to take the trip out to Malibu. Braving the heat, we called a car and searched for some places to go. Deciding upon the Malibu Pier, we hopped into the Uber with a friendly LA native and started the drive up the coast.

“You’re going to Malibu?” he asked warily as we climbed in.

We nodded.

“Most drivers won’t take you out there,” he warned us, his eyes on the road. But he kept driving. “I’ll take you, though. But good luck getting back. Don’t stay too late or you’ll never get an Uber or Lyft – they’ll just cancel your trip. And sometimes there’s no service up there.”

Matt and I exchanged worried glances, but we were already en route and it was too late to turn back.

Funny enough, as we continued up the Pacific Coast highway to Malibu, our driver asked where we were from. Ironically, Matt answered “New Jersey” while I said “New York.” The driver just heard Jersey.

“Ah, New Jersey!” he exclaimed, and I fully expected him to launch into some MTV-show-inspired hatred of guidos. Instead, he continued on to tell us how much he LOVED the city of Hoboken and how it was one of his favorite places he’d ever been to (minus the cold). I told him I had lived in Hoboken for three years… and he was jealous of me. Meanwhile we’re literally driving alongside the Pacific Ocean and he’s lived here all his life.

Guess the grass really is always greener.




Our Uber dropped us off at the Malibu Pier and, WOW. It was so beautiful. Between the stunning views of the ocean and the unbelievable mansions perched atop the hills, Malibu was truly an incredible place.

We made our way out to the end of the pier to get some photos and admire the view.





After taking the appropriate amount of tourist photos, we made our way back to the start of the pier to Malibu Farm, a super-trendy, super-bougie coastal spot with unreal views.

Although we were initially sat at a table right on the water, we realized after a few minutes without shade it was way too hot to be in direct sunlight for our whole meal. So we took a few pictures and then (sweatily, frantically) asked if we could be moved into the shade. Thankfully, the staff obliged and moved us to a much cooler (temperature-wise) spot.












After cooling down and devouring a smoothie (Matt), a mimosa (me), and a two decadent plates of waffles (both of us), we were like new people. The food was awesome – and expensive, but it was totally worth it for the whole experience. Even though our second table wasn’t on the water, being “inside” (although it was definitely still technically outside, just in the shade) let us better experience its cool beachy vibe.

If you’re ever in the Malibu area, I would 100% recommend checking this place out. But it doesn’t take reservations, so make sure you’re willing to wait for a table. Like I said though, it’s totally worth it – the wait and the price.





After we finished our meal, we headed down to the beach area directly below the pier. It was still super hot out and the cloud cover didn’t do much to cool us down, so we didn’t stay for long. We were there long enough to be asked to take a photo of a guy and his girlfriend, who were pleasantly surprised when I instructed Matt, “Take it in portrait mode.”

“Nobody knows how to do that!” they exclaimed. Ha, if only they knew the amount of portrait mode photos my library consists of.

Once we decided to head back to the hotel to shower and cool off, we were faced with the truth behind our Uber driver’s warning – there was no service anywhere. Our Instagram feeds had been having trouble loading the whole day, but our Uber/Lyft apps were another story. Thankfully, after about ten minutes Matt’s app was able to connect to a driver, and we waited another fifteen or so in the heat for the car to arrive. If you were wondering, the rumors are true! California traffic is horrible!

All in all, I’m so happy we made the trip to Malibu. It was truly a beautiful, almost mysterious place, and I highly recommend visiting (and enjoying some waffles and champagne at Malibu Farm).

Santa Monica: Part 2

Upon waking up on Sunday, we felt much more refreshed and ready to take on the day. Although we didn’t have a set agenda, we did want to make sure we checked out the beach. So with our travel-sized sun screens in tow, we made our way to the Santa Monica beach.

One difficult thing about Santa Monica (and California in general, so I have heard) is the lack of public transportation. I’m so used to taking subways everywhere in New York, but we ended up spending a lot on Ubers this trip. Matt tried the Bird and Lime scooters, which seemed to be the primary mode of transportation for most people our age in Santa Monica, but I was a little too chicken to follow suit.

In any case, we made it to the beach (thanks, Uber). Although it definitely wasn’t my favorite beach I’ve ever been to, it was cool to get to see the mountains in the distance and touch the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It seemed like a very touristy beach – although it didn’t get super crowded when we were there, when we returned later that night it was super packed.

We didn’t stay for too long, but we were able to get some nice photos before we left. Then, we were off to Malibu!










Santa Monica: Part 1

We just got back from SANTA MONICA! Yes, that’s right, in California. And if you know me at all, you know I rarely travel due to the fact that I truly detest flying. In fact, I travel so little that the first day I was in Santa Monica, my bank cancelled my credit card because they just assumed that, given my typical spending, I’m much too boring to take a trip across the country. Kidding, kidding… kind of.

Anyway, we were super lucky to be given this opportunity through Matt’s company. He works west coast territory, so they wanted to fly him out to meet his Californian coworkers. And, lucky me got to tag along.

I hadn’t been to California since I was about thirteen visiting a friend who lived outside of LA, so I was definitely excited to go back. We had Saturday and Sunday to explore, and then would both be working from the Santa Monica WeWork Monday-Wednesday.

Our flight left early Saturday morning and we arrived around 11am Pacific time, which gave us a decent amount of time left that day.


After arriving at our hotel, we changed out of our plane clothes, made ourselves look a bit more human, and headed for the Santa Monica Pier. As I mentioned, I hadn’t been to LA in a while, and I’d never been to Santa Monica before.

Upon first impression, it was super touristy. And, in fairness, I was a tourist too, but it was crazy packed everywhere on the pier (and also really hot out). The heat wave from the east coast decided to pack up and follow us out to California! It was apparently the hottest it had been all year there… of course. Perfect timing.


I was also really taken aback by the amount of homeless people on and nearby the pier. I thought New York was bad, but this made my city look like nothing. I had heard there was a really high rate of homeless in California in general, but I don’t think I was prepared for the sheer magnitude of it. Although it was definitely really sad, it was also a bit disconcerting seeing it everywhere we went.

Other than that, it was a beautiful (although, like I said, very hot) day and not a cloud in the sky. We walked all the way down the pier and found it was super easy to find people to take our picture since there were so many tourists. Also, pro tip: if you see someone taking a selfie, offer to take it for them and they’ll likely offer to take a picture of you after. Works (almost) every time.











I even let Matt take some photos of just me, which I almost never do since I’m so incredibly awkward at all times.

Once we were done being touristy, we realized we were both dripping sweat and starving. Our internal clocks were all messed up and still on Eastern time, so our stomachs were looking for dinner but it was just time for lunch.



We wandered Ocean Ave in search of food and ended up at Blue Plate Taco. This place had great frozen margaritas (which unfortunately melted almost instantly, but were still really good) and some of the best chips and guac I’d ever had – although that might have just been my extreme hunger and overheatedness talking.

Feeling like I needed something light and (moderately) healthy, I got the Baja Caesar salad with chopped romaine, caesar dressing, corn, avocado, cotija, and tortilla strips. Again, tasted great at the time but I was also potentially moments away from passing out from a strange mix of heat exhaustion and jet lag… and I’m sure the margarita didn’t help with that.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest. Matt passed out in bed almost instantly and verdict’s still out on whether I fell asleep at any point or not.





By the time it was dinner time, neither of us were super hungry again (still feeling the jet lag). We headed back downtown again and walked around while the sun set… over the water! I’m really not used to beach sunsets, so that was exciting in and of itself.

We ended up just getting salads and beer (what a combo) instead of a full dinner at Stout Burgers and Beer on Santa Monica Boulevard. By ten o’clock, we were both so beat that we decided to head back to the hotel and get a good night’s sleep (although by that time it felt like it was past 1AM to us).



West Elm Dupes from… Target?!

It’s been a crazy month! Apologies for not posting in a while, but we’ve been doing so much running around getting our apartment together I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone blog. We’re absolutely LOVING our new apartment, and I’m so obsessed with all the great decor finds I’ve been buying that I wanted to share them all in a post.

People keep asking me if I’ve been getting my new stuff from stores like West Elm or Pottery Barn or Article… honestly, I would if I could, but I’m ballin’ on a budget over here. In truth, almost everything in my apartment is from Target (of course there are a few exceptions, but if you close your eyes and point to something there is a 90% chance it’s a Target buy).

I will preface this by saying I am absolutely positive that West Elm furniture and decor is likely of better quality, perhaps more comfortable, etc. etc. But for someone like me who wants to furnish their apartment to look beautiful while not breaking the bank, Target is the way to go. And so, without further adieu, I present to you my official West Elm / Target dupes.


West Elm

Mid-Century Tripod Floor Lamp



Ellis Tripod Floor Lamp


I’d seriously had my eye on this Target lamp for MONTHS. When I fist saw it, I wasn’t even trying to find a West Elm dupe – I just loved the lamp! It’s definitely a lot cheaper than the similar West Elm lamp, and it was super easy to put together (or at least it was for Matt). It is more of a luxe feel, but with all the darker, industrial pieces in my apartment I think it helps to brighten up the space (with more than just light!).


West Elm

Mid-Century Show Wood Chair



Peoria Wood Arm Chair


Now I’ll preface this by saying, this dupe is a bit of a stretch. I’m confident that the West Elm version of this chair is a lot more comfortable and high quality than the Target one – but if you’re looking for a cheaper accent chair that won’t need to be used a lot other than the occasional get together, this is the chair for you. If you’re looking for a super comfy chair to lounge in while watching tv… not so much, and I’d say go for the West Elm version. That being said, I love my Target one as an accent piece. It wasn’t too difficult to assemble either, which was a plus.


West Elm

Industrial Storage Console



Loring Console Table


This dupe is one I’m absolutely sure of. I LOVE my Target console table – we have ours in the entryway of our apartment paired with the Round Decorative Wall Mirror (see later in this post) and I am sure it’s every bit as good as West Elm – and much, much cheaper. Its assembly wasn’t too bad, and it has two functional drawers and a lower shelf (as pictured). The quality of the wood is definitely decent and it’s one of my favorite pieces we’ve bought so far.


West Elm

Adjustable Industrial Swivel Stool



Aeon Hugo Adjustable Barstool


This one may be a bit of a stretch, and I’m sure there are other barstool options that Target has that are more visually similar to this West Elm piece, but I felt like it was better to highlight furniture that I have bought and tried. I absolutely love these barstools – we bought three of them for our kitchen bar (and happened to do so when they were 15% off for Father’s Day). They came pre-assembled which was AMAZING after all of the things we had to assemble ourselves across the first few weeks of living in our new place. They are adjustable height-wise and can swivel if you’d like – we keep them locked so they all stay the same height (because we’re psychos).


West Elm

Metal Framed Round Wall Mirror



Round Decorative Wall Mirror


I truly have no idea why anyone would spend this much money on a mirror when you can get an identical one for just fifty bucks! This mirror is another one of my favorite Target purchases – as I mentioned before, we have it hung in our entryway above the console table. It’s perfect for checking to see how ugly I look before leaving the apartment! Kidding kidding, Matt will get mad at me for saying that… but seriously, it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so you can’t go wrong!

Want to see more posts like these? Let me know! Leave a comment below or send me a note.


One of the best perks about our new apartment is the pool deck, also known as the Soho Summer House. This past Friday was the grand opening and the building management threw a party for residents, complete with open bar, free food, and live music – what more could you ask for to kick off the summer?

The pool deck is complete with lounge chairs/beds, cabanas, grills, a bar, hammocks, corn hole, fire pits, a movie lawn, and – of course – an infinity pool. It also offers great views of the Jersey City skyline, and overall feels like you’re on a tropical vacation.

As Matt and I sat with our friends Lauren and Justin drinking Narragansett Del’s Shandies, we felt complete and utter disbelief that this is now our life and that we are fortunate enough to be able to live here.

We’re so excited for the rest of the summer and to take advantage of the Soho Summer House as much as we can!


Lawn for watching movies (it faces a huge projector!)


Bar area where we got aaaaallllll the Del’s we could ever want.


Hashtag so trendy.



Fire pits!


FYI, Matt was the corn hole champion. Even though my team won.


Cannot wait to sleep the day away in these bad boys.



Soooo infinity.



Cabanas that can be rented out by the day… I’m down.





Lovely sunset at the Soho Summer House.


Had probably 5 too many of these…

Move-In Weekend!

After over four months of anticipation, the day had finally arrived – the day we moved to our new apartment in Jersey City!

Although I certainly had plenty of time to prepare and plan, it’s still super stressful to make sure everything goes smoothly. Between changing locations for the utility bills, cancelling wifi service at one apartment and starting it up at another, arranging for movers and “no parking” signs, changing your address… it starts to add up after a while.


All of our things! Absolutely filling up my old apartment.

So, needless to say, I was counting down the days until May 31st. Matt moved all of his things to my Hoboken apartment so that the movers could just get all of our stuff from one location and bring it over to the new place. Since my other apartment was super small (less than 500 square feet) it was definitely pretty cramped for a few days, but totally worth it to have everything consolidated. That meant that Matt wouldn’t have to be driving his things back and forth from Queens to Jersey City on the day of the actual move.

There were definitely a few bumps along the way on moving day (a few issues with the movers, but I won’t bore you with the details), but once all of our things were moved in (by 8:30am that morning) it was pretty much smooth sailing. We hadn’t seen the apartment fully finished yet, and it was even more beautiful than we had remembered.


Dat natural light, doe.


So much room for activities!

A friend of mine who I’ve known since pre-school also lives in the building, and she and her boyfriend gave Matt and me a bottle of champagne as a welcome gift – so sweet! By the end of that (very long) first day, we ABSOLUTELY needed a drink… or a few. The champagne was much appreciated and the perfect start to our new life at the Soho Lofts.


First morning views!

The first morning waking up in our new room was almost surreal – we were also still pretty sore/tired from the day before, which may have contributed to our overall daze. My parents were coming out to take us to lunch and take us shopping (to my favorite place – TARGET!!!), so we did our best to get up and become functional human beings.

My parents kindly took us to Grimaldi’s in Hoboken for pizza, then to Target (TARGET!!!) to pick up some essentials. Mind you, my mom had taken us to Target the day before as well, but we needed more more more!




Pretending to be normal, functional adults.


Finding that good selfie light.

That night the building held a party for the grand opening of the pool deck, also known as the Soho Summer House – but I’ll cover that in another post. Needless to say, we had a great night of free food and drinks, and each had about 7 Narragansett Del’s Shandies. They are amazing, by the way. Although I didn’t taste the alcohol in it at the time, I definitely felt the repercussions the next morning.

But the hangover didn’t stop us from heading to Target – AGAIN!

Truth be told, we went again because we were missing a few items on our receipt (turns out we left a bag – oops). But while we were there, we saw just a couple of things on our wishlist and figured we might as well get them while we could…


This picture = goals.

So, yes, we got a few more things. Some more, uh, essentials.

While we walked to Target on the way there, we opted for an Uber XL back to the building. Our Uber driver was super helpful loading and unloading the car, and we were able to use a shopping cart that the building uses for move-in days to bring everything up to our apartment. Easy peasy!

A few of the items we got – including the lamp and mirror – were things that had been in my Top Target Finds post. It was super exciting to see them in the new space and bring my visualization to life.

Matt did a great job assembling and/or hanging everything – he even persevered through building our extra bathroom storage unit. Having two of us in one bathroom works, but having only one vanity, no medicine cabinet, and limited storage space sure doesn’t. This unit gave us more space for towels and linens (and yes, I hid the “uglier” towels in the lower part behind the door… need to keep up the aesthetic) and it actually isn’t too obtrusive or bulky in the small space, since it’s so tall and narrow.



Finished product! S’pretty.

I definitely recommend this storage unit – if you’re interested, you can get it here from Target.

Although we definitely got a lot done in the past few days, there are a few more things we need to get – bar stools, a dining table and chairs, an arm chair for the living room, and a mountable TV. Eventually we’d also like to get a desk for working from home, as well as a few other odds and ends decor-wise.

This is a great start though, and we’re already feeling so happy and at home in our new apartment. I’ll share more photos of how the place looks once it’s more of a finished product, but you can follow along our progress on my Instagram stories via @jillsahner!

A Weekday Adventure to Brooklyn

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since entering the full-time-working-professional-life, it’s that you need to find fulfilling things to do outside of work – regardless of what day of the week it is.

Far too often, at the end of a work day I find myself rushing home to sit on my couch and mindlessly watch TV. Granted, there are definitely days where I need some time to rest, relax, and unwind after a day at the office – but at the same time, if you’re wishing your whole week away just to make it to the weekend, you’re wishing away a big chunk of your life. (I could probably present you with some impressive calculation around said chunk of time, but I think that might be super depressing for the both of us.)

Recently, I’ve been trying to be more cognizant of the fact that, yes, the next forty-some years of my life are going to be spent working – but more importantly, if I spend my whole adult life feeling like all I do is sit at a desk all day, I’ll probably become a pretty unhappy and unfulfilled individual.

It’s super important to have a balance when it comes to the work week – to plan out things that you can look forward to on a Tuesday or a Wednesday or a Thursday, so that you’re not left trudging through every day wishing it was Friday already. And with the arrival of warm weather (at LAST!), it definitely makes finding budget-friendly activities a whole lot easier.

So, when Matt texted me yesterday afternoon to see if I wanted to walk to Brooklyn after work – OH THE SPONTANEITY – I was all in. I’d never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge or been to that famous!!!! Dumbo photo spot.

Turns out, Brooklyn Bridge + slow tourists + fast bikers + 80 degree weather isn’t exactly my cup of tea. But it was definitely cool being on the bridge itself and seeing the beautiful view of the downtown skyline. We walked across the bridge to Brooklyn (which is 1.134 miles, by the way – there’s my cardio for the week!), and  then made our way to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Sitting on Pebble Beach with Matt, as the waves gently lapped against the shore and the sun sank behind the skyline, was the happiest, most peaceful moment of my week. I would trade every lazy night on the couch for more moments like that one. Those moments help me to step back and fully appreciate my life in its entirety – who I’ve become, how far I’ve come, and who I am lucky enough to be creating memories with.

Thanks to Matt for another great (unexpected!) adventure.




















Back to the Bronx

With the move coming up, Matt and I have been trying to be more frugal in our spending – eating out less, going out to drink less, etc. In line with that effort, we also decided to hold off from going to a Yankee game so far this season. Although tickets aren’t always too pricey, it’s the rest of the experience that gets expensive – the beers, the hot dogs, the snacks… all that good stuff.

But now that spring weather is FINALLY here, we found ourselves itching to get to a game. Earlier this week, I decided to “just look” at the Stubhub ticket prices for the Yankees Red Sox series. Low and behold, grandstand tickets (aka nosebleed seats) were totally reasonable. So, we decided to go for it – not only was the weather supposed to be gorgeous, but it was YANKEES RED SOX, the greatest rivalry in baseball between the (current) two best teams.

The weather did not disappoint – it was a beautiful evening for game two of the series. The Yankees had won the night before, and we were praying that we’d see another win that night. We did our best to maintain the previously stated frugality and significantly (well… slightly) cut back on the food and beers we bought at the stadium. It’s always going to be expensive, but it’s all part of the fun. Plus, girl’s gotta eat.

In the end, we decided to leave in the eighth inning while the Red Sox were ahead. We had a long train ride back to Hoboken and I HATE crowds – the stadium was at capacity, so we knew the trains would be insanity on the way home. As we stood on the 4 train heading downtown, Matt checked his phone and immediately muttered, “I am so sorry.”

Worried, I thought the game was already over and the Yanks had lost. But when he showed me the ESPN notification, I understood his remorse. Aaron Judge had hit a home run. Now, if you know me at all you know I love Aaron Judge, and all I want is to see him homer in person. Even though it sucks that we missed it, in the end I would much rather have left before a Yankee victory (yes, they ended up winning) than stay late for a Yankee loss – ESPECIALLY against Boston.

All in all, it was the perfect night for baseball, and hopefully the next time we attend Aaron will be on his game and hit a homer our way!

















Mud Cloth Mania

With our move less than a month away (25 days, but who’s counting?!), I thought I’d do a post on one of my current favorite trends – mud cloth pillows.

I’ve always liked the look of mud cloth textiles, but I knew nothing about its origin. In my research, I learned that mud cloth (or bogolanfini) is a well-known African cloth tradition. Mud cloth is made using a handmade Malian cotton fabric, and dyed using a process of fermented mud (hence its name). explains that each piece’s pattern has a story to tell, and “even the arrangement of the symbols on the cloth reveals something secret about the intended meaning.”

That being said, I am 99% sure that any mud cloth patterns you find today sold online by Etsy or Amazon do not have any sort of traditional, symbolic meaning to them. Still, it’s interesting to understand the history behind something that today seems so mainstream, yet at one point was such a prevalent symbol of cultural identity.

In any case, today mud cloth inspired textiles are frequently used in modern interior design as a “trendy” accent. The typical pattern features geometric lines and dots sewn onto heavy fabric, often either black on white or white on black. It’s a good alternative for pattern-shy individuals (like myself) to add a bit of character to a neutral space. Plus, it’s pretty gender neutral (which is definitely a plus when you’re moving in with your SO).

Note: All photos were found on Please contact me if a photo is your own and you would like to have it removed, or linked to its original source.

You can find evidence of mud cloth inspired decor everywhere, especially Pinterest, where there are tons of mud cloth DIY guides. But, if you’re like me and would rather not put the fate of your precious mud cloth pattern in your own hands, it might just be worth it to buy one pre-made. If I were to actually try it myself, I would follow the DIY Muthcloth Pillows tutorial on the The Beautydojo. And hey – maybe I will try someday. But, for now, I’ll stick with my pre-made pillow covers, because I can truly see that DIY going horribly wrong (helloooo crooked lines and a very unhappy, slightly OCD Jill).

One thing that I struggled with when looking for my own mud cloth pillows was the price. My first instinct when finding this type of item was to look at Etsy – and yes, Etsy has tons (and I mean, TONS) of great mud cloth pillow covers, but I couldn’t justify dropping $50.00+ on one cover, especially since I wanted at least four.

I did some shopping around and finally found the answer to all of my prayers (okay, so in truth it wasn’t that serious, but I did really want these damn pillows). I stumbled upon Hofdeco on Amazon – they offer a wide array of mud cloth inspired pillow covers in a few different sizes. Since I already had pillows I could use as inserts that were around the same size as the Hofdeco 18″ x 18″ covers, I saved some money on pillow inserts, too. I ended up getting two sets of two Hofdeco Decorative African Mud Cloth Pillow Covers  (18″ x 18″) in both black and white, along with a two set of their white lumbar pillow cover for my bed (sadly I had to buy the inserts for those, but found cheap ones on Amazon that worked perfectly).

In truth, yes, I was ordering these for our new apartment. But as soon as they arrived, I was too excited to keep them packaged up for the next few weeks. So, my current apartment has been graced with their presence – however, I know they’ll look even better in the new place, and I can’t wait to bring them to their new home.