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How I Edit My Instagram Photos

People often ask me, “How do you edit your Instagram photos?” Now, I’m by no means Instagram famous – I only have about 5,000 followers and I don’t think the photos I post are anything spectacular, but I do keep a pretty consistent theme. First of all, let me say that I edit my photography differently than the photos I post on Instagram. When I use my Canon digital SLR, I edit those photos on my laptop on Photoshop. Most of the photos I post on IG I’ve taken with my iPhone 8+, so I typically edit those on my phone. Since this post is simply how I edit for Instagram, I’ll walk through the steps I take and apps I use when editing the photos I take on my phone. I’ll use the photo to the left as an example. I actually don’t have the original saved, but it was quite a bit darker when I initially took it. The first step I take to edit my photos is to adjust the curves. In …

Easter Weekend Photo Fun

Ever since I went to college, I feel like I’ve slowly lost touch with some of the things that I am passionate about – and things that make me who I am (or rather, who I was). Two of the things I miss the most from my childhood – and teenage years – are horses and photography. For me, the two went hand-in-hand. I would spend every day after school at the barn, and all day on weekends. Although I would ride my horse (and several others) while I was at the barn, the majority of my time was actually spent taking pictures. By discovering my love for horses, I also discovered my love for photography – and in a way, I owe my entire career to that. Without my relative success as an equine photographer, I would not have taught myself how to use Photoshop, how to code, how to build websites. In a way, that brought me to where I am today. But, regardless of my progress in terms of my professional career, …

Saturdays are for the Tourists

Or, rather, Saturdays are for *the residents pretending to be tourists. Matt and I played tourist today at the Hoboken Waterfront – which has always been one of our favorite places to relax on the weekend. With the coming of (slightly) warmer weather, we headed to there today to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air (both of us are slightly sick, so we felt it would be good for not only our minds but also for our nasal passages). I made Matt model for me, and – although he thinks he looks “scruffy” – ended up getting some cool shots of him. Thanks for unleashing your inner Zoolander for me, boo!

Go Home, Spring, You’re Drunk

It’s officially spring! And just when we thought we were free of icy sidewalks and bitter winds, we have been hit by our fourth nor’easter in the past month! Granted, it ended up not being quite as bad as we expected, but to play it safe both Matt and I stayed home from work to ride out the storm. About halfway through the day, though, we both began to go a little stir-crazy being stuck in my 500 square foot apartment. So, we made the perfectly sane decision to brave the elements and take a walk to the water. Although the wind was pretty crazy and we were (I was) slipping and sliding like crazy on the walk over, it ended up being a fun mini-adventure and helped to ease our cabin fever.

Welcome to Snowboken

It’s that magical time of year again – that’s right, the time of year when your eyes tear  up from the wind, your fingers go numb in your pockets, and your knees freeze through your ripped jeans. Winter time is here! And since it isn’t going away any time soon, we might as well embrace it. I’ll be the first to admit that snow (despite the fact that I can’t walk through it without inevitably slipping at least seven times) makes for a damn good photo opp. Nothing quite like that fresh pow right after a fluffy snowfall to rake in the Instagram likes. So, naturally, I dragged Matt out into the icy world of Hoboken at the first sight of snow out my apartment window. And Matt, being the kind soul is he, happily obliged. Standing on the Hudson and watching the snow fall over the skyline is a serene and somewhat otherworldly experience. The usual hustle and bustle of the waterfront walkway was nowhere to be seen or heard – in fact, the …

My Favorite Places: Alstede Farms

Ever since I was in high school, one of my favorite places has been Alstede Farms, located in Chester, NJ. My friends and I would go to Alstede for the vast and expansive apple orchards and pumpkin patches — not to mention their INCREDIBLE apple cider doughnuts. Around this time last year, I started getting that familiar annual urge to head out to the farm — nothing says “fall” like a good pumpkin patch Instagram. I asked Matt if he would go with me and, being the trooper he always is, he agreed. But of course, the one weekend we chose to make the trip had awful weather. It was cold and rainy, which does not make for an ideal pumpkin/apple picking environment. So we bought a 6-pack of apple cider doughnuts, ate two each in the car, and headed home. So this year, I was determined to have the full farm experience. Matt and I picked a weekend to go and all I week I anxiously checked the weather, praying for sun. I may have …

When in Rome

As a way to get myself started with this blog, I want to take some time to reflect on the incredible adventures I’ve already had in my life. One of my most memorable experiences, without a doubt, was the twelve days I spent in Italy my sophomore year of college, in… 2012? Wow. I had never been to Europe before. In fact, I had hardly left the continental United States (aside from a few day trips to Canada and several vacations to the Caribbean). In any case, I was certainly a newcomer to the eastern hemisphere. I will spare you all of the written details (aside from citing the fact that we walked about ten miles per day… definitely need to mention that) and instead provide a photographic journey of my time traveling across Rome, Florence, and Venice.