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Saturdays are for the Tourists

Or, rather, Saturdays are for *the residents pretending to be tourists. Matt and I played tourist today at the Hoboken Waterfront – which has always been one of our favorite places to relax on the weekend. With the coming of (slightly) warmer weather, we headed to there today to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air (both of us are slightly sick, so we felt it would be good for not only our minds but also for our nasal passages). I made Matt model for me, and – although he thinks he looks “scruffy” – ended up getting some cool shots of him. Thanks for unleashing your inner Zoolander for me, boo!

Go Home, Spring, You’re Drunk

It’s officially spring! And just when we thought we were free of icy sidewalks and bitter winds, we have been hit by our fourth nor’easter in the past month! Granted, it ended up not being quite as bad as we expected, but to play it safe both Matt and I stayed home from work to ride out the storm. About halfway through the day, though, we both began to go a little stir-crazy being stuck in my 500 square foot apartment. So, we made the perfectly sane decision to brave the elements and take a walk to the water. Although the wind was pretty crazy and we were (I was) slipping and sliding like crazy on the walk over, it ended up being a fun mini-adventure and helped to ease our cabin fever.

My Favorite Places: Sunnyside Cafe, Hoboken

Recently, Matt and I have been trying to branch out from our typical weekend routine of hibernating inside on the couch binging Netflix and Hulu all day. Don’t get me wrong, that is still probably one of my favorite ways to spend time, but with the spring drawing nearer I think we are both getting sick of wasting away inside. So, this past weekend we decided to spread our wings and fly – staying within the approximately square-mile radius that is the city of Hoboken. Now, if there’s one thing you should know about Hoboken, it’s that there are the most bars and restaurants per square mile than anywhere else in the country. (Okay, in fairness I have never seen an official report supporting this claim, but most people seem to agree that it’s true.) In any case, there are a ton of new places to try. Having lived in Hoboken for close to three years now, I have made my rounds in terms of its bar and restaurant scene. But, as a millennial constantly …

Welcome to Snowboken

It’s that magical time of year again – that’s right, the time of year when your eyes tear  up from the wind, your fingers go numb in your pockets, and your knees freeze through your ripped jeans. Winter time is here! And since it isn’t going away any time soon, we might as well embrace it. I’ll be the first to admit that snow (despite the fact that I can’t walk through it without inevitably slipping at least seven times) makes for a damn good photo opp. Nothing quite like that fresh pow right after a fluffy snowfall to rake in the Instagram likes. So, naturally, I dragged Matt out into the icy world of Hoboken at the first sight of snow out my apartment window. And Matt, being the kind soul is he, happily obliged. Standing on the Hudson and watching the snow fall over the skyline is a serene and somewhat otherworldly experience. The usual hustle and bustle of the waterfront walkway was nowhere to be seen or heard – in fact, the …

Hoboken Summer Staycation

I had been talking for a while about doing a weekend staycation in Hoboken at the W hotel and my wonderful boyfriend, Matt, decided to surprise me with a corner suite for our one year anniversary. Easiest vacation travel of my life (approximately four blocks from my apartment). Our relaxing weekend was full of lounging in the king sized bed, great views of the city from our balcony, and lots of Entourage episodes. The hotel even sent up a complimentary bottle of wine in celebration of our anniversary – turn up!!! Thank you again, Matt, for the best first anniversary celebration I could have ever hoped for!  

My Favorite Places: Grand Vin, Hoboken

One of my absolute favorite places in Hoboken is Grand Vin, a quaint restaurant and bar located on the corner of 5th Street and Grand Street. I stumbled upon it accidentally when I was (hangrily) searching for a brunch place that had little to no wait – a rarity in Hoboken on a Sunday afternoon. As soon as I saw its beautiful rustic exterior, I had a feeling this place was right up my alley (only figuratively though, since it was a decent walk from my apartment). The inside was even more beautiful; its repurposed decor, organic textures, and soft lighting provided a natural warmth and welcoming atmosphere. I felt instantly at ease in a place so full of charm and character (which may be even more rare these days than a brunch place with no wait). The food was excellent, too. I had never had avocado fries before, but I can confidently give them a 10/10 and two thumbs up (especially paired with the chipotle aioli sauce, yum). Every meal we got looked and tasted delicious, which increased my love for this newly found …